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Deluxe Model Programmable Thermostats
TAYSTAT300C-single-stage heat (gas or electric) and cool

TAYSTAT302C - two-stage heat (gas or electric) and two-stage cool

TAYSTAT500C - single or two


• Seven (7) day with copy or 24 hour programming or no programming
• Outdoor temperature display - optional accessory - TAYSENS100A
• Bright back lit display
• Filter clean/replacement key
• No batteries required. Super cap continues clock for up to 30 minutes
• Programming functions stored in permanent memory
• Manual or auto changeover
• Minimum compressor run time
• Comfort enhancing droop
• 3 - 10 degrees F dead band between heating and cooling setpoints in the "auto" changeover mode
• Conventional or adaptive intelligent recovery
• Min and max heating range
• Min and max cooling range
• Daylight savings time key
• Programmable fan - fan can be programmed in the "on" or "auto" mode for each period
• Vacation/leave program, will hold vacation/leave temperature for up to 256 days
• Five minute time delay for compressor protection
• Field temperature re-calibration offset

For more information on the above thermostats, call toll free 1-877-880-3381. Please have your model number handy, and refer to TAYSTAT followed by the specific model number of your thermostat (e.g., 300C, 302C, 340, 350, etc.).

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