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1. Heavy-duty 13-gauge hot rolled steel wrap-around heat exchanger for long life. This is where the fuel is burned to create heat, which is then circulated throughout your home.

2. Pre-formed ceramic fiber combustion chamber for quiet operation. Highly durable, the ceramic fiber combustion chamber heats up quickly, providing more complete combustion for improved efficiency. (Located inside heat exchanger.)

3. Beckett flame-retention burner. The burner is the heart of the furnace, providing heat, fuel and air to burn oil. This high-efficiency burner is state-of-the-art, allowing for more complete combustion and reliability.

4. Direct drive, permanently lubricated, four-speed blower motor. With four speeds, the blower motor has the air handling flexibility for both heating and cooling operation. Your dealer can select the most appropriate setting for your home.

5. Insulated furnace cabinet, including blower compartment. The interior of the furnace is insulated so less heat escapes the cabinet and more heat is distributed into your home. This also keeps operating sound to a minimum.

6. Heavy-gauge, two-tone painted steel cabinet is strong and durable.

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Washable filter. A clean filter improves operation and maintains the efficiency and long-term reliability of your oil furnace. The Freedom® 80’s washable filter makes it easy and convenient to maintain a clean filter, or you have the option to purchase disposable filters.

What Operating Efficiency Means In An Oil Furnace.
The efficiency of oil furnaces is reflected as a percentage and is referred to as the AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. The minimum AFUE allowed by the Department of Energy is 78%. American Standard's family of oil furnaces delivers up to 82.7% AFUE, which we believe provides a superior level of operating efficiency, comfort and reliability.

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