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System Accessories • Humidifiers • Power Humidifiers Ultimate Comfort: Automatically Controls Moisture Levels

1. Automatic Control. Responds to changes in outdoor temperature throughout the day and automatically adjusts the relative humidity in your home.

2. Flow-Through Design. Flow-through design helps control mineral buildup. Minerals are either deposited on a replaceable humidifier pad or flushed down the drain minimizing maintenance.

3. Controlled Moisture Distribution. The flow-through water distribution system assures the correct amount of moisture flows through the humidifier and is evaporated into your home.

4. Durable Construction. The humidifier housing is designed to resist rust and corrosion.

5. Quiet Operation. The fan motor operates quietly and efficiently moving heated air across the humidifier pad into your home.

6. Easy Maintenance. The humidifier pad can be easily accessed for annual replacement.
5-Year Warranty

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