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System Accessories • Comfort Controls • Ultimate Controls 7-Day Digital Programmable Comfort Control

1. Interactive Touchscreen. An easy to read and responsive touchscreen makes regulating temperature easy.

2. Effortless Programming. Programming is menu-driven and intuitive so set up is simple.

3. Programmable Fan. Offers more options for added comfort and improves indoor air quality by increasing air circulation and providing better air filtration when combined with an American Standard Perfect Fit™ Air Cleaner.

4. Multiple Fan Settings. Ability to program Wake, Leave, Return, Sleep, and Vacation heat and cool settings for 7 different days.

5. Auto Changeover. When set to auto, the control automatically switches between heating and cooling to maintain year-round comfort.

6. Outdoor Temperature Indicator (select Models). Shows current outdoor temperature on the display to help you plan outdoor activities.

7. Large Backlit Display. The large, backlit display shows temperature and time even in low lighting.

8. Streamlined Design. A sleek and sophisticated design is perfect for today's home.

9. Armchair Programming. With "armchair programming" the control can be removed from the wall so it can be programmed more easily.

10. Real Time Clock. Maintains time even during power failures. And it automatically adjusts to daylight savings time.

11. Filter Reminder. "FILTER" will automatically flash to remind you that it's time to change the filter.

12. Touchscreen Lock. Locks the Touchscreen to prevent tampering or changing settings.
5-Year Warranty

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