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Indoor • Air Handlers • TWE-C/D High Efficiency Convertible Standard and Air Tite™

1. Standard filters for easy replacement.

2. Brazed fittings for quick and easy installation.

3. Multi-speed blower delivers more air, with less noise.

4. External drain connections assure quick installation.

5. Drain pan is rust resistant.

6. Extra large coil surface provides higher efficiency and more heating and cooling capacity.

7. Recessed screws won't snag on walls or door facings.

8. Corrosion resistant finish allows the galvanized metal cabinet to resist rust and corrosion.

9. Insulated cabinet reduces heating and cooling losses and cabinet sweating. It also reduces blower noise.

10. Direct drive multi-speed slide-in blower motor means no pulleys or belts to adjust. No lubrication is required.

5 Year Warranty
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